Hi, I’m Calley Means

Hi, I’m Calley Means.

I created this space space on the Internet to write about health, which I think is at the root of most other societal and public policy challenges America faces.

I’m publishing ideas on healthcare to spark ideas among friends, stress-test my thinking, and engage with other people who are passionate about these issues. You can contact me via Email, Instagram, or Twitter.

About me

I’m an entrepreneur who has always been interested in public policy issues.

My bio is here and I gave an interview about my career to the Stanford podcast here.

Five years ago, I started Anomalie with my wife (Leslie Voorhees) and it has been the journey of a lifetime – we’ve been able to help thousands of brides create custom wedding dresses and work with an incredible international team (including vertically-integrated factories in China). There’s info on our company here, here, and here – and an HBS case study here.

We started the company in San Francisco but recently moved to Arizona.

My wife Leslie and I

The main thing I’m thinking about aside from Anomalie is how the core issues we face are related to childhood development and health, which I think are related. I’m concerned that life expectancy is in consistent decline for the first time in American history, depression is at an all time high, and 9 of the 10 leading killers of Americans are tied to preventable chronic diseases. These issues are not partisan in the traditional sense, but we remain confused/divided because it helps the status quo.

My ideas on healthcare have been heavily influenced by my sister, Casey Means, who left surgical residency to start a company (Levels) that gives patients more information about their metabolic health.

My sister Casey and I

Early in my career, I worked in politics.

I started this website because I’m concerned about the future of the country – and think there is value in bringing the conversations I am having privately into public.

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