Hi, I’m Calley Means

Hi, I’m Calley Means.

I am writing a book and starting a company to put food and lifestyle habits (not band-aids like pills and surgical interventions) at the center of how we think about healthcare. 

During this journey, I have been exposed to research, people, companies, and ideas that have changed my life and how I think about the health and development of my new son. I am going to write a daily newsletter to share one of these insights each morning. Sign up here:

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More About Me

Every institution in healthcare (hospitals, pharma, insurance, med school) depends on more sick patients for growth. I’m working to change these incentives.

I’m writing a book, co-authored with Dr. Casey Means, about how preventable cellular dysfunction (caused primarily by food) is at the root of nearly every chronic condition that plagues American life – and how to fix it. It will be published by Penguin Avery, the editors who shepherded the top-selling nonfiction book of the past two years (Atomic Habits).

I’m also starting a company called True Medicine. It is built around the idea that food (and lifestyle habits like exercise and sleep) *IS* medicine. The company’s goal is to make tax-advantaged spending on healthy food and exercise seamless.

Previously, I founded a company with my wife called Anomalie, which recently sold.

I’ve invested in healthcare companies trying to subvert the current sick-care system, including: Levels (giving patients more data on metabolic health), Atai (leading mental health / psychedelic company), Delix (leading psychedelic company), Rejuveron (leading longevity company) – in addition to consumer startups such as RapidSOS, UpSmith, Dynamic.xyz, and Vibe.

I graduated from Stanford (I recently gave an interview to the Stanford Podcast here) and Harvard Business School (which recently wrote a case study about Anomalie here).

I started my career in politics, and have always been passionate about public policy. Today, I am active in groups such as Council on Foreign Relations, Teneo, and Stand Together.

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