Hi, I’m Calley Means

Hi, I’m Calley Means.

I’m an entrepreneur who is passionate about the following problem:

11 out of the 12 leading killers of Americans are caused by or worsened by processed food.

I am currently writing a book on this topic (with my sister, Dr. Casey Means) and starting a company in the space.

I used to think nutrition was a “wimpy” subject, but I am now convinced this connection between the healthcare industry, food, environmental factors, physical health and mental health is the most important issue we face. With our brains and bodies becoming increasingly dysfunctional due to our food system – starting in utero – I believe it will be impossible for us to overcome the global challenges facing us today. We need to get food right, quickly.

Previously, I founded an e-commerce wedding dress company (Anomalie) with my amazing wife (Leslie Voorhees) which we recently sold to David’s Bridal. This idea came out of her struggle finding the perfect wedding dress during our engagement. We found a city in China that makes 90% of the world’s wedding dresses, partnered directly with the best workshops, and created digital tools to help brides design and visualize their dresses online. There’s further info on our company here, here, and here. It was an incredible journey and I am excited to bring my startup lessons to play a small part in nudging healthcare to a more root cause framework.

I graduated from Stanford (I recently gave an interview to the Stanford Podcast here) and Harvard Business School (which recently wrote a case study about Anomalie here).

Early in my career, I worked at the White House and for the 2008 John McCain campaign (traveling in confined spaces with Sarah Palin convinced me politics was a little too chaotic, so I chose to focus on the more tranquil world of startups).

We recently moved from the post-apocalyptic hellscape of San Francisco to sunny Arizona and are enjoying it immensely!

My wife Leslie and I

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11 out of the 12 leading killers of Americans are caused by or worsened by processed food. 

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