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I am writing a book and starting a company to change the incentives of healthcare.

We are getting sicker and more depressed at an increasing rate – and I think this is largely because our system doesn’t prioritize food and lifestyle factors that are the center of health.

During this journey, I have been exposed to research, people, companies, and ideas that have changed my life and how I think about the health and development of my new son. I am going to write a quick daily email to share one of these insights each morning. 

I’ll start sending these emails December 19th.

My hope is these daily insights change or expand how you think about the health of you and your family, as they have done for me. I will work to make these emails relatively short, focussed on starting your day with empowering tips or thought-provoking ideas on health. 

This newsletter might be for you if: 

  • You are trying to cook healthy food for you and your family but don’t know where to start or how to rectify what seems like contradictory advice. 
  • You are looking for actionable ideas from leaders in functional medicine. 
  • You want to be aware of the latest companies and services that can help you and your family feel better. 
  • You believe “healthcare” is the most important economic, political and even spiritual issue America needs to get right. 
  • You are concerned about what is happening to the physical and mental health of kids.  
  • You are looking for recommendations on specific foods to buy for yourself and your children. 
  • You feel like “something isn’t right” with what’s happening to the health of Americans when the more we spend on healthcare, the worse outcomes we get. 
  • You’re looking for hot takes on how healthcare policy needs to radically change.
  • You want to probe deeper on how 11 of the 12 leading causes of American death are largely caused by food.
  • You want to receive the latest research on how chronic diseases are much more connected than we thought (I.e., Alzheimer’s now being called Type 3 Diabetes).
  • You want to receive the latest actionable research on how food + exercise is medicine (I.e., how 150 minutes a week of exercise is as effective at reducing depression than an SSRI).
  • You’re interested in following updates on fonteir health research, like psychedelics.
  • You’re looking for empowering ways to use connected health devices to feel better and prevent disease.

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